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The Pink Elephant Inn
Starr Insurance has been part of our business for 20 plus years. In that time George makes regular visits to ensure our needs our met. There are always answers to our questions or problems as soon as they occur. It has been a pleasure and will continue to be a pleasure to work with George and his staff for as long as we are here. Thank You, George!
Jane Harden
Pink Elephant Inn
Salem, Oregon

Paul Meno
My name is Paul Meno. I have owned several bars over the years and have dealt with a number of insurance agents. In most cases my insurance kept going up every year and all the agents would tell me was “Too bad, there are only a couple of companies that insure bars in Oregon”.

I purchased a bar in 2005 and the bar owner I bought the bar from and I were talking about insurance and when he told me what he was paying for insurance I almost fell out of my chair. He was paying about $2,000 a year less than I was for the same coverage.

Needless to say I got his agents phone number and met with George Starr. It was true and George saved me several thousand dollars on my four bars. I thought that the premiums would start climbing every year now that he has my business. NOT TRUE!. George has saved me money every year. The premiums continue to go down on a yearly basis. Working along with George and his daughter Maria has been a pleasure and he is the sharpest insurance agent I have ever met.

In closing, if you want excellent service and want to save money, meet with George or Maria and I am sure you will find as I did that they will SAVE YOU MONEY on all your insurance needs. Feel free to call me if you have any questions at 503-750-4511.